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How do I transfer my registration to a new participant?

We understand things change and life happens. Therefore, if you need to let a friend run in your place, we allow you to do so. You’ll only pay the difference in price and will not be asked to pay a separate change fee. Here's how:

Transferring your Registration to a New Participant:

1.  Log in to your EventSprout account.

2.  To Log in, enter the email address and password you used to purchase your registration. If you've forgotten your password, click I Forgot My Password.

  • When registering for a Warrior Dash race, an EventSprout account is automatically created for you with the email address you use on your registration. If this is your first time logging into EventSprout, you will need to activate your account by setting up a password. To create or reset your password, please head HERE and click, "I Forgot My Password." You will need to enter your email address that you used to register for the race, and you will be sent a link to create/reset the password.

3.  Once logged into your account, you will see all of your upcoming events. Click "View Order" for the event that you are wanting to transfer a registration.

  • If you registered other participants that you are wanting to transfer, they will have to log in to EventSprout under their own email address to complete the transfer. If you are transferring your own registration, follow the steps below!

4.  Click the Transfer Ticket button to the right of the name that you wish to transfer.


5.  Enter the New Participant’s email address.

  • Please note that the new participant will be prompted to pay any price difference (if the price has increased) when they accept the transfer.

6.  Click on the green Submit button at the bottom of the page.

7.  The new participant will have 96 hours to accept the registration and create an EventSprout account-- unless the transfer deadline occurs first.  The transfer deadline is 12 pm CST on the Friday before the event.

  • Note: When completing a transfer, your original registration costs act as a credit towards a new registration.  If the event has increased in price since you originally registered, the new participant will be prompted to pay the difference in price for each transfer.  

Transfer Need To Knows:

  • All requests must be completed prior to the Transfer & Registration deadline, which is 12pm CST on the Friday before the event.
  • Each participant may only transfer their own registration.
  • When completing a transfer your previous registration costs are automatically applied towards the new registration and you are required to pay any difference in price (if the event has increased in price).
  • Participants have had success selling registrations on Craigslist or posting registrations to our Facebook If you are selling your registration, you will need to officially transfer the registration to the new recipient in EventSprout, or they will not be able to pick up the packet on site. Warrior Dash does not take any responsibility for transactions made between third parties.
  • Red Frog Events reserves the right to change these policies and related fees at anytime.
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