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How do I add a participant to my team?

If you'd like to add a member to your group, simply login to your EventSprout account at  From here, you will see a list of your upcoming events.  On the event that you'd like to update, simply click on the button titled, "Add Attendee" and move forward with your purchase!

  • On May 27th, 2015, an EventSprout account was created for every Warrior using the email address you used while signing up.  To create or reset your password, please head HERE and click, "Forgot Password."

*Please note: if your selected wave time is full, you will not be able to add participants to that wave time. Please either change your wave time to one with spots to accommodate your new members or sign them up individually for another wave. 

If you would like to have every Warrior pay for themselves, simply have everyone register themselves for the same wave as your own. If there is space available, then they will be able to run with your group.  Since Warrior Dash is not a team-based event, the team name you choose will have no effect in our system.

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