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What's my wave time? How do I change it?

How do I know my wave time?

Your wave time will be listed in your confirmation email and in your EventSprout account. You can resend your confirmation by clicking HERE. If you search your inbox for an email from, the subject line should read "Warrior Dash Confirmation." 

How do I change my wave time?

  1.  Log in to your EventSprout account.
  2.  Enter the email address and password you used to purchase your registration. If you've forgotten your password, click I FORGOT MY PASSWORD.
  3. When registering for a Warrior Dash race, an EventSprout account is automatically created for you with the email address you use on your registration. If this is your first time logging into EventSprout, you will need to activate your account by setting up a password. To create or reset your password, please head HERE and click, "I Forgot My Password." You will need to enter your email address that you used to register for the race, and you will be sent a link to create/reset the password.
  4.  Once logged into your account, you will see all of your upcoming events. Find the specific registration you want to transfer & click on the View Order button to the right.

    *Please note, if someone else purchased your registration for you, that buyer will have to login to EventSprout under their email address to change your wave. If you are changing your own wave time for a registration that you purchased with your email address, follow the steps below!

  5. Click Update Ticket to the right of your name.

  6. Choose your new time from the drop down menu.
  7. Click the green Submit Change button at the bottom of the page.

*Note: If you are moving from a standard wave to a preferred or competitive wave, we ask that you pay the preferred/competitive wave price, which is an additional $10.


The wave I want is full.  Can you squeeze me in?

No, we cannot. Due to safety and liability reasons, as well as in the interest of preventing backups and promoting course flow, we cannot overfill wave times under any circumstances, even if you are just one person. Your best option is to keep an eye on our website to see if any additional spots open up. Unfortunately, there is no waiting list in place for wave changes so it's in your best interest to act quickly should the opportunity arise.

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