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How do I change out/ transfer members of my group?

1.  Login to you EventSprout Account.

  • On May 27th, 2015, an EventSprout account was created for every Warrior using the email address you used while signing up.  To create or reset your password, please head HERE and click, "Forgot Password."

2.  Head to the section titled Additional Participants.

3.  On the participant that needs to be changed click the blue Edit button on the right-hand side.

  • You may now edit any of this person’s information.

4.  To transfer their registration, simply enter the new participant’s name and contact information.  If the event has increased in price, you will be prompted to pay the difference in price.

  • Note: When completing a transfer, your original registration costs act as a credit towards a new registration.  If the event has increased in price since you originally registered, you pay the difference in price for each transfer. 
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